Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A long time coming....

So much has changed since my last post. 

First of all, Dylan and I moved from the OC married housing to NW OKC.  We live in a rent house in Crown Will Rogers theatre and such.  We just love love love living over here.  Our good friends, the O'Laughlins, live across the street from us.  So much fun!

Second of all, Dylan and I had a super crazy summer.  He got in a wreck, so we sold 2 cars and bought a Ford Focus.  So, that was fun.  But before that all happened I had started working nights at Baptist Hospital.  I work in the Intensive Thoracic Care Unit.  It is so incredible working there.  I really love it, however, I have been working nights.  That means 7 PM- 7 AM.  Wow.  Dylan has been incredibly patient and loving with me being gone at night and sleeping through the day.  All the while, I have still been working at Ann Taylor Loft.  Dylan was doing and internship at Visual Image (score) and working at Starbucks still.  So basically, our summer flew by.

Also, Dylan and I celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary!  It was a lot of fun.  See pictures above..

School starts next Tuesday and it is the last year!!!  I cannot wait to get started just so that I can get finished already!  I can't wait to be a nurse.

Oh by the way, we got new computers and iPhones the other day.  That's pretty cool.  I got a 13.3" MacBook and Dylan got a 15" MacBook Pro.  Pretty excited about that