Saturday, December 6, 2008


This week has been pretty ridiculous.  I had

  • clinicals on Monday
  • two papers due on Wednesday
  • a huge test on Wednesday (did well!)
  • then i worked eight hours Wednesday night at the hospital
  • i got my hair cut (took 4 hours--long story) on Thursday
  • had class late Thursday night (saw Sus and Chris!!!!!!!! they are home!!!!!!)
  • had class and then another huge test on Friday(did well on that one too!)
  • then i worked eight hours at ATL
I'm so glad it's over!!!!!  I'm actually looking forward to finals week so that I can slow down!

Dylan turned in his two weeks notice at the Bux...... So happy!  But I'm gonna miss those free drinks!

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Catie said...

Of course you did great on your are brilliant! Good luck on finals next week! I'm praying for you!