Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great finds!

Well, I check Craigslist about 13 times a day, and turns out it's not just a waste of time.  I've found some other items that I like on there, but I'm really excited about our new shelves.  Those are the IKEA Billy bookcases with glass doors, which retail for $150+, not to mention to cost of driving.  Well, I got them for $50!!  And they are in really great condition.  Even though transporting them was a huge hassle, they are now safely assembled in our office.  Now we can take the majority of our books out of storage!!!  It's pretty bare right now, but not for long!

PS--one last final today at 3PM.  I should not be wasting time on here!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Countdown to Casey

I only have 6 days until I see this little light of joy!!!  I'm excited to celebrate with her.  It's been a long time since we've sat down and chatted.  YAY!  I'll take photos and update you all on our reunion!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The big 2-4!

Well, it's not much of an eventful year....24.  But, I thought I'd give my readers a taste of my birthday experience, which was yesterday.

I started the day at midnight with Sus, Lindsay, Liz, Penelope, and Staci at Will's down the street.  It was fun to hoot and holler at midnight, then Penelope and I headed back to our houses. 

The next morning began with some breakfast in bed, then lunch with my family, then mom and I did some shopping.  That was fun!  

Then Dylan took me to the Melting Pot for dinner.  We had such a good time.  And it was fun that it was such an experience.  We were there for almost 3 hours.  Dylan had reserved a really secluded table for us.  We just really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  Oh, and Dylan got me a present....  A new handbag.  I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but I really like it!  

Overall, it was a really great birthday. Oh, and did I mention I got new sheets?  They were a gift from my in-laws, and they are incredible.  So luxurious!

Only 10 days until Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A few weeks ago Dylan and I decided that he would turn in his two week's notice at Starbucks (so his last day could be Dec. 19th).  BUT, a few days ago we found out that is store is closing.....and on December 19th!  I just thought it was funny.  So, needless to say, no more free drinks.  We will be entering a period of mourning soon.  And we will need to get another job just to pay for our coffee habit.


Saturday, December 6, 2008


This week has been pretty ridiculous.  I had

  • clinicals on Monday
  • two papers due on Wednesday
  • a huge test on Wednesday (did well!)
  • then i worked eight hours Wednesday night at the hospital
  • i got my hair cut (took 4 hours--long story) on Thursday
  • had class late Thursday night (saw Sus and Chris!!!!!!!! they are home!!!!!!)
  • had class and then another huge test on Friday(did well on that one too!)
  • then i worked eight hours at ATL
I'm so glad it's over!!!!!  I'm actually looking forward to finals week so that I can slow down!

Dylan turned in his two weeks notice at the Bux...... So happy!  But I'm gonna miss those free drinks!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A REALLY late update about seeing Neko Case

Photos via iPhone....

As I look back on concerts I've seen in my life, the Neko Case show was one of the very best I have ever seen.  The show was at the Diamond Ballroom, and it happened to be on the same night that Robert Plant and Alison Krause were playing in OKC.  Needless to say, the crowd was very thin.  This made for a great environment to watch a laid-back show with one of Dylan and I's favorite ladies.  She sounds better live, and I was really shocked by that.  Her band was fun and incredibly talented.  Oh!  And she was quite the witty one.... It was just so nice to feel relaxed while you're seeing someone you really like.  Quite the different experience from seeing Feist earlier this year....  

Monday, December 1, 2008

Look at this little nugget.....


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A long time coming....

So much has changed since my last post. 

First of all, Dylan and I moved from the OC married housing to NW OKC.  We live in a rent house in Crown Will Rogers theatre and such.  We just love love love living over here.  Our good friends, the O'Laughlins, live across the street from us.  So much fun!

Second of all, Dylan and I had a super crazy summer.  He got in a wreck, so we sold 2 cars and bought a Ford Focus.  So, that was fun.  But before that all happened I had started working nights at Baptist Hospital.  I work in the Intensive Thoracic Care Unit.  It is so incredible working there.  I really love it, however, I have been working nights.  That means 7 PM- 7 AM.  Wow.  Dylan has been incredibly patient and loving with me being gone at night and sleeping through the day.  All the while, I have still been working at Ann Taylor Loft.  Dylan was doing and internship at Visual Image (score) and working at Starbucks still.  So basically, our summer flew by.

Also, Dylan and I celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary!  It was a lot of fun.  See pictures above..

School starts next Tuesday and it is the last year!!!  I cannot wait to get started just so that I can get finished already!  I can't wait to be a nurse.

Oh by the way, we got new computers and iPhones the other day.  That's pretty cool.  I got a 13.3" MacBook and Dylan got a 15" MacBook Pro.  Pretty excited about that

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who doesn't love pie?

A few weeks ago Dylan mentioned to me that I had never made him a pie. Well, I mean....why should I have? I make cookies and cake and bars and all sorts of things, but never a pie. Alas, I decided today was my pie day. I looked up recipes and went to the grocery store. I had to buy a pastry cutter and the fruit for the filling. Did I mention that I wanted to make everything from scratch? A little bit over-zealous, eh?

Well, the pictures below will narrate

Dylan approved!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last Night's Run

Yesterday was a fun day. I did not have to volunteer for my class, so Dylan took a day off from his internship. We ran around and had a lot of fun. As the night went on, we kept saying that we couldn't forget to go on our jog that night. Well, we kinda put it off until the last minute. So, it had begun to rain, but we were determined. We put on our rain jackets and went out for a jog! It was so much fun and we felt so stinkin tough! When we got home we were sopping wet, but we felt great. I felt like I could have fun a marathon last night. haha.

Today is my last day of my volunteering clinicals. I start my externship on Monday. I found out I will be working nights, so I'm pretty worried. I just don't know how to get started. We'll just see.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I started flossing again yesterday. What excitement!! I feel more responsible already.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rainy Day Un-Blues

For a class I took this semester, Health Care Missions and Christian Service, we are required to do 90 hours of mission work or community service that will count as clinical hours for nursing school. I had the choice of spending $3500 and going to Honduras or staying in OKC and doing community service during the 1st intersession of class. Needless to say, I stayed home. So, I've been volunteering lots and lots over the past two weeks.

I've really enjoyed the work we've done so far (a Christian service center and a community health clinic), but today was the day I was dreading the most. We were going to an Adult Day Care. Well, I was really wrong. Today was a great experience. I don't want to say much, but it was really awesome. Definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

It has rained and stormed all day! So, I can't go on my run tonight...bummer.

Tonight Dylan and I are staying in. We ordered pizza and are going to be lazy together while it's stormy outside!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Am I a real blogger?

So this day marks an emotional, yet exciting day for me in the internet world. I'm starting a blog. I guess I can't say no to that Catie character. It's taken me all day to mess with it and get it what I want it to look like.

You might notice my twitter updates on the right. So, that's pretty cool. Right?

Well---I always like lists, so I'll start off with one about what's going on lately in my life.

1. Volunteering all day everyday for a Missions Class. More to come about that.
2. Jogging with my Nike + setup. Love it!
3. Hanging with Dylan when he gets home from his internship at VI.
4. Hitting up the Red Box just about 3 times a week.
5. Anxiously awaiting my best friend's return to the great state of Oklahoma!
6. Preparing for my externship in
the ICU that starts in May.

That's pretty much just the basics for now. How about a picture? Everyone loves that! The one on the left is to remind us of the old days....before Catie and I were married women!